We, at Total Property Maintenance, provide complete facility management services so that your building is always running as cost efficiently as possible. We understand that it takes a lot of time and effort in running a business, and there shouldn’t be any distractions. We want you to focus on your core business while we handle the upkeep of your premises for you. We want to empower your pride in your property!

While you are busy handling your business, we make sure your work environment is clean, hygienic and free from any structural and functional risks. From electricals and plumbing to security and decor, we look after every aspect, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Whatever you ask, Total Property Maintenance is here to deliver a full suite of facility management services at competitive prices.

Facility & Asset Management Services, Auckland

Facility Management encompasses a range of disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of any residential or commercial environment. From maintaining hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness indoors to maintaining the outdoor space, we take pride in being able to offer you a complete solution to your maintenance needs. Instead of hiring various vendors for your property maintenance, it’s better to entrust just one company. All the activities are centralised, reporting and accountability can be taken from one single point and invoicing done at one place. This is why we have been trusted by multiple households and businesses for facility management across Auckland.

You interact with a single project manager throughout the process that leaves no room for confusion, and you get the assurance of quality work. Moreover, as we work with you, we continuously look for technical developments that can help manage the facility better. Be it a workplace, restaurant, hospital, school or government building, we can manage them all.

Through our asset management services, we offer customised solutions to our clients to help them maximise their operational efficiency at minimal cost. We help clients across various industries efficiently manage their day to day operations so that they can concentrate on their core business. It includes services like post development management, property management, financial management, lease administration, strategic asset management, risk management and much more.

All these services are targeted to make your building energy efficient, highly secure, better entrances and exits in between the departments and easy accessibility of resources. We go far and beyond ordinary standards to customise the services the way you want. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now.

Facility Management Services

With our facility management services, we strive to provide a clean, safe and hygienic environment for both your staff and customers. And, we take pride in being able to deliver a reliable and effective service to our clients across Auckland, so they can welcome their customers and guests with confidence.

We have a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced professionals who love their jobs and give in their best effort to every project that they take. We use the best tools, equipment and products for every job, and make sure that there is nothing that is left unattended or unkempt.
We believe in doing the job right the first time, which is why our clients have been very happy with our service. We will be happy to spend some time understanding your requirements and then get underway with the job.

We guarantee efficient service, impeccable workmanship and on-time completion of projects. With our work, you can be assured of smooth functioning and a clean environment of your property! What’s a cherry on the cake is that we provide our services at very cost-effective prices. It’s because we believe in providing a functional, safe and clean environment to households and businesses. We want to see you grow!

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to entrust your property to reliable professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facility management includes services that help to keep a building up and running. It may range from a small job like cleaning and move up to lease management and strategic asset management. Total Property Management has a team of skilled managers who develop custom management systems that provide long-term benefits. Consult today.

Based on the profession and facility, there could be many types of facility management. But, generally, they are classified into two types- Hard FM and Soft FM. Hard FM includes plumbing, electrical, elevator maintenance, while Soft FM focuses on cleaning, security, and general maintenance. Total Property Maintenance offers it all. Call us now.


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