Your property is always exposed to natural elements like sun and rains. This causes walls, foundation, floors, insulation and the roof to develop cracks and rust over time. No matter how hard you try to seal the walls and floors with steel or concrete during construction, they do need waterproofing.

When water seeps in through cracks, growth of mold and mildew takes place. Because even if you dry out the water, moisture remains on surfaces and this, with time, may pose health risks. Waterproofing in Auckland seems the best possible solution for these problems. It’s better to waterproof in the beginning than incur heavy costs later on for fixing the damage done by water to your property.

Total Property Maintenance, is a trusted company, offering high-end waterproofing in Auckland along with torch on membrane waterproofing. Torch on membrane proofing is a method used for waterproofing flat surfaces like those of balconies, roofs, etc by creating a strong membrane layer made of polymers and bitumen. This protects it against moisture & dampness.

Waterproofing Expert in Auckland

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to find skilled and experienced waterproofing specialists and it may take a lot of time and effort before you are able to rely on someone completely with the project. But do not worry, you can count on us. We guarantee efficient service, impeccable workmanship and on-time completion of projects. We understand that different properties may have different needs which is why we come up with different solutions for each client. With our work, you can be assured that the waterproofing in Auckland is going to last for many years to come!

From using the best NZ-made products to including effective waterproofing techniques, we do our job to the highest standards and prevent water damage. Be it interior basement waterproofing, flat roof waterproofing or remedial waterproofing, we are the experts you can rely on.

Professional Waterproofing Service

We are one of the leading providers of waterproofing services in Auckland. Waterproofing should be done right the very first time. Did you know that waterproofing defects account for a major portion of the costs incurred by the building owners? This proves there can be no room for mistakes. This is exactly why you should get experienced and professional people to do it for you.

And, we bet we are your top choice for waterproofing in Auckland. We provide both preventative and remedial waterproofing. Our team of specialists apply waterproofing membranes to the interiors and exteriors of buildings to prevent it from water damage. With our attention to the smallest of details, sincerity and dedication, we are confident of making your building completely waterproof. No matter the size, scale or style of the building, we provide you with long term solutions to the problems water may pose.

What Makes us Auckland’s Best Waterproofing Services Provider

We are trusted by many households and businesses across the country for effective waterproofing services. What makes us the best?

  • High-end waterproofing
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Top quality products and advanced waterproofing techniques
  • No history of waterproofing defects
  • Transparency – No hidden costs
  • Waterproofing solutions for all types of buildings
  • Team of experienced, professional and dedicated staff

So hurry up, and give us a call today for reliable and effective waterproofing in Auckland. Better safe than sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing the basement from inside is often the most affordable, convenient and effective method. Many commercial properties and residential homes also opt for an interior water drainage system which includes a sump pump to extract water from the basement. Total Property Maintenance ensures you get the best waterproofing for your property by performing the required job.

One of the best water repellent cement used by waterproofers is Hydrophobic Cement. At Total Property Cement, we include the highest quality of membranes, sealants and cements in our waterproofing job. Our products resist water from entering and make sure your build looks new. Connect with us today.

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